Actor shines as Geoffrey

Rob Hall, in his role as Geoffrey, brought a humorous but endearing dimension to the West Otago Theatrical Society’s production of Stepping Out.
The production, which opened on Friday night, tells the tale of a group of women — and Geoffrey — who attend a weekly tap dancing class in a North London church hall.
The relationships and interaction of those attending the classes are explored against the backdrop of learning tap dance routines on the way to a polished public finale.
Hall pulls off a highly believable performance playing the nerdy, nervous and social inept Geoffrey.
Hall engages the audience right from the time he first steps on to the stage tohis last memorable performance in the finale.
While Hall isperhaps better known for his excellent singing voice and acting, now he can add being light on his feet to his list of attributes.
Mention must be made of Stephanie Green’s performance as pianist Glenda. Green added a depth of humour that complemented the other cast members’ performances.
The portrayal of not only different dancing abilities among class attendees but also the wide variety of personality types added plenty of interest and a touch of realism to the production.
Paula Bray’s portrayal of Andy was a standout, as was Farryn Crawford’s selfconfident Maxine and Lisa Miller’s slightly annoying character Vera.
The show finishes this Saturday.

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