Playwright ... Auditions will soon be held for former St Peters College teacher George Arthur- Amohau's new play, A Relatively Uneventful Evening which will be performed by the West Otago Theatrical Society in June. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Former St Peters College teacher George Arthur-Amohau’s new play A Relatively Uneventful Evening will be performed by the West Otago Theatrical Society in June.

This is the second play Mr Arthur-Amohau, who grew up in Gore, has written. He will also direct the play.

Auditions will be held on February 2.

Mr Arthur-Amohau said the play was a black comedy and explored the relationship between friends who gather for an evening to celebrate when one of their members has her first book published.

“It’s sort of a group of highly dysfunctional friends who get together for a dinner party .. a bunch of things are realised about each other and they have to kind of field that.

“I think the audience will be questioning why are these people even friends – they’re all really different, lots of personalities that clash but [it] then becomes apparent through the course of the evening actually why they are a group .

“It should be quite entertaining,” Mr Arthur-Amohau said.

The play relied on tension and the relationship between characters.

“I really wanted to write this in a way that it would give some really meaty material to work with.”

The play would stretch the eight thespians who played the main characters.

“They will have their work cut out for them .. learning quite a large number of lines and then the pace needs to be kept up .

“It will be quite demanding, I think, but in what I hope is an enjoyable but challenging way.”

There was one other character, who had a minor role.

He enjoyed working with small groups.

“Rehearsals become a really intimate experience, so therefore the end result is something that looks really organic because everybody does know each other and everybody is really comfortable.”

A synopsis (information evening for those interested in auditioning) will be held on January 31 at 7pm in the West Otago Community Theatre.

Auditions will follow on February 2, from 1-3pm. Those interested in auditioning can come along at 1pm, or make an appointment for that day by contacting Barbara Hanna on (03)204-8616.

The show will be onstage at the end of June and early July. Dates are yet to be Running shoes brand/New Releases Nike