Reality with a twist ... Joanne Borgman, of Gore, works on one of the paintings that she will now be able to create full-time. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

For years, Gore artist Joanne Borgman had to wait to come home from work before picking up a paintbrush.

Now the wait is over.

The long-time hobby artist is pursuing her dream fulltime.

“I was turning 50 and I thought ‘it’s now or never’,” Borgman said.

“My dream was to be a fulltime artist.

“Lots of people give up on their dreams. I didn’t want to be one of them.

“I’m lucky to have a really supportive husband.”

Borgman said she left her office job at St Peter’s College at the end of last year.

Her artworks could be seen on her recently established website.

Many works featured saturated shades of red and blue.

“I like to keep it bold,” she said.

“They’re something to brighten up a wall.

“I wear a lot of black in real life so this an outlet.”

Her pieces ranged from painted wooden house sculptures to poured resin pieces and slightly surrealist landscape paintings with dramatically sloping hills.

The creative process was a spontaneous one.

“I never really plan what it’s going to look like,” she said.

“I like modern art because there aren’t really any mistakes.”

When doing landscapes, she liked to “take reality and give it a bit of a twist,” she said.

“I am not aiming for perfection. If my art was perfect, I would give up.”

She had loved art as a girl but it fell by the wayside when she grew up.

That love of painting and creating was rediscovered in 2002 and became a great hobby, she said.

“It was my ‘me time’ for a long time.”

Passion and patience rather than formal training had brought her this far, Borgman said.

“I’m self-taught.

“I like watching tutorials online”.

Selling her art at markets and exhibiting in art galleries over the years made her decide to try to use her creativity for more than an emotional payoff.

Life as an artist meant office hours, Borgman said.

She got up at 7am and finished at 4pm as she had done in her previous job.

“You have to have a routine.”

But her paint-splattered studio was a far cry from an orderly office work space.

“There is even paint on the ceiling.

“Everything else in my life is so tidy.

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