Artist’s work wins fans on Coast

Bright side...artist Svetlana Mickell wants her colourful artwork to inspire people to feel positive

Artist and former Mandeville resident Svetlana Mickell is finding her work just as well received in the West Coast as it was in Southland.

Her paintings are big and use colour from every spoke of the wheel.

“Usually they are one metre by one metre,” Mrs Mickell said.

“I like bigger paintings.

“They have more spice.”

It could take anything from days to weeks to finish a piece.

“It depends on my mood.”

She was always excited when she was painting because she liked creating, she said.

She was unsure what inspired her work.

“It just comes.

“I have no idea. It comes from my head.”

Mrs Mickell moved to New Zealand from Russia 20 years ago, and spent over a decade living in Southland before her move to the Coast two years ago.

Many people had told her elements of her work reminded them of Russian folk art.

She thought her roots might come through in her work, but this was not deliberate.

She had not been trained in any particular way.

“I learned myself.

“I developed a style.”

She hoped to pass her sunny outlook on to others through her painting.

“My work is very positive. I want to give that message to people.

“It’s cheerful and maybe a bit childlike.”

People in Southland were very positive about her art, Mrs Mickell said.

Her work had been sold in several Southland locations, from her own Riversdale arts and crafts shop to Cafe Ambience in Gore.

Some locations still sold her work.

She thought the West Coast was just as positive about the arts, and she was still exhibiting there.

Meanwhile, by posting her artwork on Facebook and Instagram she was able to cross regional and even national boundaries.

“I have 10,000 people [on Instagram] which is very good.”

Her dream was to continue her art fulltime, working from home.

This would include not only painting but pottery and fabric art.

“I would love to do this more and open a little gallery.”Sports ShoesNEW BALANCE