Author, musician entertains children


Children’s author and musician Dean “Mr Yipadee” O’Brien was at the James Cumming Wing in Gore on Friday where he entertained pre-school children.

Mr O’Brien said the Gore show was one of two pre-school shows he performed as part of his New Zealand tour.

“I love it. The little kids are hilarious,” Mr O’Brien said.

The tour was to promote his new book Stink-o-saurus, he said.

For the past year, Mr O’Brien had been touring Australia, but he enjoyed returning to New Zealand, he said.

see my family.

“I have two young children and it’s good for them to see their grandparents,” he said.

“My family is from Mosgiel, so I always spend time in the deep South.”

He really enjoyed coming to Gore, he said.

“The parents really get into it.”

He also preformed a show at Balfour School onTuesday last week.

“That was awesome. The teachers really got into it.”

He also took a writing workshop with the senior children at Balfour School.

“I have done writing workshops before and the response from teachers is great, so I try to work them into the tour.”

He really enjoyed taking the workshops.

“The kids get so much out of it.”

Mr O’Brien’s first book was published in October last year and since then he has brought out two more.

“I am also bringing out two more over the next four months.”buy shoesNike Shoes