Celtic music on the bill with Polytropos


Celtic duo Polytropos will be performing in Gore next month.

Polytropos members Oscar West and Rennie Pearson said they had been playing their respective instruments for more than 14 years.

Polytropos means “the many sounds” and “well travelled”.

The pair met in 2009 at an Irish pub where they “cut their teeth” playing sessions with other Irish musicians.

The following year they began plans for Polytropos and had been close friends ever since, Pearson said.

He said his musical journey began before he was born.

“My parents would play me Chris Norman, a wooden flute player, while in the womb,” Pearson said.

“When I was 8 they took me to see him play live in Wellington, where I was riveted.”

West, who is originally from Scotland, began his musical journey by playing the violin for four years, but was always more drawn to the style of the fiddle.

“I privately taught myself to fiddle with the wonderful resources of YouTube, sheet music and my own enthusiasm,” West said.

West said he had dabbled in many instruments but he mainly played the bagpipes and fiddle.

The duo said the show would include foot-stomping, pacey reels, enchanting slow airs and songs with amazing stories.

“The music is chiefly Celtic in nature and structure but as Oceanic-based musicians we’ve allowed ourselves to be influenced by other folk music and styles from around the world,” West said.

“We’re also very playful with our audience.”

West and Pearson said the show appealed to a large variety of people – “from ages 9 to 99”.

“The beauty of the music is that there is no age barrier to enjoying or playing,” they said.

Polytropos is playing at the Gore RSA on June 25, starting at 1.30pm.

Tickets cost $20 and afternoon tea is provided.best Running shoesPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers