Cookbook gives good guidance


For every occasion, from birthdays to dinner parties or a simple gettogether with friends, you cannot put a spoonful wrong under the guidance of Jo Seagar’s new cookbook Elbows Off the Table, Please.
The book includes recipes for predinner nibbles, soup and bread, main courses, salads, desserts and baking.
Different styles of cooking are used to their advantage along with plenty of ingredients to get the tastebuds firing.
Potato recipes galore will provide plenty of inspiration for how to cook the pale vegetable, including a method that takes up to eight hours.
There is also basic etiquette advice along the way, such as how to fold your napkin, hold your knife and other essentials of good table manners.
Her advice bears a striking resemblance to what my mother taught me.
Elbows Off the Table, Please
includes photographs by Jae Frew.
Each recipe is accompanied by a photograph showing how it should be presented.
The photos add colour and complement the recipes well.
As I made my way through this cookbook, I felt like I was being taken back in time toan old-style era when home cooking was much more prevalent.
So, if cooking is still part of your routine, this book will be the perfect companion in the footwearNike