Enjoying the challenge


Don’t stop musician Dominic Warren, because he’s having a good time performing in Showtime Australia’s Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic

He will portray lead singer Freddie Mercury on stage at Gore’s St James theatre on Monday as part of a 22-stop nationwide tour.

Music by the rock band was just as challenging as pieces by Bach or Handel he encountered while studying classical music, he said.

“That’s what’s pretty cool about it.

“I just really enjoy the challenge of singing Freddie Mercury.

“He’s definitely my hero. I’ve always been a fan since about age 12 or 13. The older I got the more interesting the music got to me.”

Somebody to Love was his favourite song.

“It’s got a great melody and it’s just written well.”

He enjoyed channelling his hero, donning “awesome” costumes and strutting around on stage.

“There will never be another Freddie Mercury so what we do is try and pay tribute to him.”

“I try and follow all his gestures. He moves across the stage in a very particular way.”

“I . . . still try and keep an element of Dominic Warren for originality’s sake.”

Fitness was one of the challenges of the role, he said.

When not touring, he runs up to 15km three times a week.

“While I’m on tour, whenever I get the chance I try and do at least a five or 10k.”

“It feels like I’ve run a 10k after a show. On top of all the movement, you’re still trying to sing quite intensely.”

People of all ages could enjoy the show, he said.

Younger people were discovering the music of Queen, helped along by the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody which put the band in the spotlight again.

“The older generation knows Queen from when Queen came out.

“The music’s still the same, the music’s still very exciting. Everyone should come.”