Film Review: Keeping up with the Joneses



Keeping up with the Joneses does a fantastic job at portraying contrasting couples, for a good laugh.

Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher are completely relateable as a run of the mill couple.

It frequently made me laugh out loud how much they resembled my own relationship.

On the other side of the fence Gal Gadot and Jon Hamm create for a perfect couple fathat shows even international spies can have their issues.

The two make an exceptionally good looking on screen couple that contrasts well with the goofy couple Fisher and Galifianakis.

The whole premise of the film sees the couples intwined in an espionage plot where silly antics ensue.

Hamm’s character and his friendship with Galifianakis’s character creates many fun moments where they bro down by indoor sky diving and enjoying exotic foods.

The two leading ladies however bond in a whole different way.

Other enjoyable moments in the film come when both Fisher and Galifianakis are trying to find out more about their new neighbours.

All of the actors play their roles exceptionally and the ridiculous characteurs where the film shines.

The zany plot is just that, zany fun that allows the actors enjoy themselves.

I would not go to this film expecting some kind of great profound message but more as a bit of fun light entertainment with some enjoyable characters.Adidas footwearThe world is yours – Neue Sneaker, Apparel und mehr für Kids