Sweet . . . Four Gore High School pupils (from left) Hamish Waddell (17), Ella Cupit (16), Angelo Rosario (18) and Elijah Thomas (16) are members of the band 46South who are releasing its first single Lemon Honey on Friday night. PHOTO: MAROLYN DUDFIELD

Something sweet and a little sour will be released on to the airwaves on Friday at 6pm Lemon Honey, the band 46South’s first single.

Gore High School pupils Hamish Waddell (17), Ella Cupit (16), Angelo Rosario (18) and Elijah Thomas (16) comprise the band.

The single recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Hayden Budd of Littlefire Musicworks in Invercargill, will be available on all online music platforms.

Elijah said it was good to be part of the music industry scene.

“You hear all these stories about big bands going and recording and it’s cool to go and see what that process is like.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Elijah said.

Many people asked about the band’s music but because it was all live there was nowhere for people to listen to it.

He was looking forward to being able to tell people stuff online you can check out’.”

The other band members are very excited the single is being released.

“It’s pretty cool to have something out there in the world that will exist forever and you can always look back on it and say said.

“I think it was so fun to finally record something.

” 46South originally started four years ago so it’s really cool to be finally recording and having original music,” Ella said.

“It was a great experience and it was fun,” Angelo said.

The band would receive royalties every time the song was downloaded.

“We’re going to be raking it in,” Hamish said.

The band would soon be selling merchandise T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts which could be ordered on its social networking sites.Running sport mediaNike Shoes