Local scenes... Invercargill artist Caley Hall stands beside the oil painting he calls Big Milford, which is part of his "Southern Scenes" exhibition being held at the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A 3m by 1.9m oil painting of Milford Sound is part of the “Southern Scenes” exhibition being held at the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.

Nine landscape oil paintings comprise the exhibition by Caley Hall, of Invercargill.

The exhibition features landscapes from Canterbury, Otago and Southland.

Hall said he had been working on the painting of Milford Sound for about a year.

Big Milford‘s the biggest one I have ever done.

“I could go on painting it for years if I want to.

“There’s so many techniques in an oil painting, you can just keep making it better and better.

“I could spend hours in there with the little brown stones there, make them deeper in the water.

“I’d have to add more to the price tag.”

Once he was satisfied with the painting, he added his signature to it.

“I do that at the stage where they can sell.”

Hall began painting about 10 years ago, when he was in his 30s.

“I couldn’t even draw a stick figure 11, 12 years ago.”

He was helping run a little gallery with his best friend, who was a painter, and decided to have a go at abstract painting.

“I didn’t have any skills.

“I didn’t understand technique so I just poured paint on canvas.”

It was after he met some landscape artists that he was inspired to start painting landscapes himself.

“I just spent years learning little techniques .. I was so obsessed about it I just sort of skilled up really fast.

“That’s all I want to do, really – I love it.”

Oil was his preferred medium for painting landscapes.

“It’s the easiest to use.”

He painted in the studio after he had visited the site.

“You go and do little colour studies and get the colour of the mountains and everything right . and take lots of photos, hundreds of photos.”

During the Mandeville Fly-In on February 23 and 24, he would be demonstrating oil painting techniques on a work of Stewart Island that he had already started.

“If people want to learn some tips for oils, I will teach them for free when I’m here.”Running Sneakers Storeadidas zulu trainers for black kids shoes girls