Full time show . . . Eastern Southland Gallery Director Jim Geddes with one of the pieces by Wellinton artist Rob McLeod which have been installed in the Maruawai Centre while the Gallery remains closed.

The Eastern Southland Gallery may still be closed post Covid-19 but the Maruawai Centre is offering a window into the gallery’s art collection.

Gallery curator Jim Geddes said the gallery was closed for earthquake strengthening and renovations.

The Covid-19 pandemic had been well timed, as they had planned to close about the time lockdown occurred anyway.

“We fell on our feet with this, really,” Mr Geddes said.

“We were going to have to shut down.”

Art appreciators would still be able to see some pieces of the gallery’s collection, however.

The front of the Maruawai Centre was operating as a temporary exhibition space.

On display were selected pieces by Rob McLeod, a Wellington artist who had given 17 works to the gallery five years ago.

“We had it all in storage.”

Mr Geddes said it was the perfect place to launch an exhibition. With the 24-hour lighting and big glass windows, people would be able to look in and enjoy the artworks at any time.

“It’s a 24-hour show.

“People have commented on it [while] out for a walk.”

People were also able to come inside for a closer look at no cost.

The artwork had been chosen because it worked well in the space.

“It’s really big and bright.”

River Medusa, a sculpture by Dunedin artist Gregory Downie, was also on display in the window.

It had previously hung in the foyer of the gallery but was now at ground level.

Mr Geddes hoped this would give the piece some time in the spotlight, as it was now more visible.

“It’s a temporary shop window for the present.

“We’ll keep it going, even when the gallery is reopened. We’ll just keep things on display there.”

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