New role for actor as assistant director


Isaac Borgman (17) has exited stage left and ended up in the assistant director’s chair for St Peter’s College’s upcoming production, It was a Dark and Stormy Night.

Previously in the cast, Isaac will assist director George Arthur-Amohau.

Mr Arthur-Amohau said the idea to have one of the pupils take on the role of assistant director was born of time constraints.

“I was doing the Tapanui Vicar of Dibley, so this was really the only way we could have it,” Arthur-Amohau said.

“Isaac was the only person to volunteer. I think he really understood how much work went into it,” he said.

Not many actors liked to give up the limelight and take on the role of director.

“Very few people are prepared to direct and not be on stage – it’s a tough choice to make.

“It’s really hard to make that transition from acting with friends to directing them. It is an interesting learning experience.”

Isaac, who is also a Gore Musical Theatre member and has appeared in several shows including the recent Mamma Mia, said he put his hand up because he thought it would be fun.

‘It’s a new and different opportunity – I thought it would be quite fun.”

Not only would it be something different, it would also look good on his CV, he said.

“I love to do this stuff. I’ve applied for a bachelor of creative media production in Wellington next year,” he said.

“This would really look good on my CV in the years to come.”

He found switching roles challenging, Isaac said.

“I went from being on stage with them, to having to tell them what to do.”

He was focusing on ensuring rehearsals ran smoothly, he said.

Among advice he gave to the cast was to “keep the energy up the whole way through”.

Arthur-Amohau said Borgman had to earn the cast’s respect at the beginning but succeeded.

“I think Isaac has had to earn the other student’s respect as a leader and director, and he’s done that well but it has been a journey for everyone involved.”

The show is being held from September 28 to October 1 at the Little Theatre. Tickets are available from St Peter’s College. Phone (03) 208-9060.short url linkAir Jordan 5 Low China 2016