No ordinary ‘Macbeth’


Be prepared to be enthralled, entertained and surprised when seeing Menzies College’s version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

While not the traditional portrayal of the play, it is nevertheless a not-to-be-missed event.

Teacher Barbara Cowley, who wrote the script and also directs, said she was delighted with the acting skills of the pupils involved.

“It’s set in modern day,” Mrs Cowley said.

The three witches were modelled on the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, she said.

The lead is a stockbroker, which is a departure from the traditional play which portrays the bloody rise to power and tragic downfall of the warrior Macbeth who was a successful soldier in the army of King Duncan.

Mrs Cowley put the production together with songs from the modern era.

Nobody physically dies in the play but they suffer a death by reputation.

The witches, who play a prominent role in the traditional version, also feature in the modern version, albeit in a more glamorous form.

The cast of 25 included pupils from years 8 to 13, Mrs Cowley said.

The play consisted of layered humour that would appeal to adults and younger viewers, she said.

The play will be staged at the school hall at 7.30pm tonight and tomorrow night.jordan release dateNike nike vapor max black and navy blue color dress Pixel Desert Sand