Performer in pink in delightful show


Shaun Burke surely suits pink – he proved it when he appeared as a fairy in the Gore Musical Theatre’s production of Robin the Hood

The theatre restaurant opening night showcased a host of talent, including Burke’s highly entertaining rendition of a hairy fairy dressed in flattering pink, which contrasted with his tattoos.

Levi Lee as Robin Hood was relaxed and his voice strong.

Robin’s merry men did a good job in the supporting roles.

Nicole Parry dominated the dancers’ line-up.

Parry’s talent, timing and agility were stunning.

Vicki Crawford as Gladys, one of the lady bowlers, was very convincing.

Stephanie Green as the Queen gave an entertaining performance.

The song choice was good, with favourites such as YMCA, Let Me Entertain You, Love Potion Number 9, Mambo No 5and Eye of the Tiger

The script is far from a traditional take on the Robin Hood story.

The inclusion of the Greenies, and the lady bowlers and, of course, the fairy alerted the audience this is no ordinary Robin Hood story.

All those involved, backstage as well as on stage, deserve a big thank-you for their willingness to give freely of their time and talents.

The meal topped off the evening nicely.jordan release dateAir Jordan