Pupils turn old encyclopedias into three-dimensional art


New life has been breathed into redundant encyclopedias by school pupils.

Artist Janet de Wagt guided pupils from East Gore, Knapdale, Riversdale and Mataura in their efforts to create a work of art from the encyclopedias.

The four-day Reap Gifted and Talented Education (Gate) programme was held at East Gore School last week.

De Wagt said encyclopedias had been superseded by the internet, meaning many were destined for recycle bins.

“It seems a waste to just chuck them.”

It seems making art out of recyclables caught the imagination of the pupils involved.

De Wagt got the idea for repurposing the encyclopedias from her father.

The folded art gave the pupils a lot of scope to create their own images, she said.

Image . . .Marielle Penus (11) showed her creativity when she breathed new life into an old encyclopedia.

Pupils turned to the middle of their assigned encyclopedia before starting the project and picked a word. That word became their artistic theme.

One piece was created with the theme of coal and was three dimensional, complete with miners.

The assignment stretched the imaginations of those involved, de Wagt said.

It heightened skill levels, including those of interpretation, and made participants think of new ways of looking at material.

“They see that you can use everyday objects in a creative process.”latest RunningNike SB