Rain fails to deter festival fans


The rain failed to dampen enthusiasm at the 2017 Rhododendron Festival on Sunday.

Festival convener Jane O’Neill said the day was lovely, once the rain stopped.

“Everybody got set up and then a wee wind came on and about five drops of rain. Other than that everyone seemed to have a great time,” Mrs O’Neill said.

“At about half two the sun shone and it just rocked.

“We expected the weather to be a big negative but it wasn’t.”

Pretty in paint . . Kiana Johnstone-Vetters (6) and sister Aleigha (8), of Gore, had their faces painted at the Rhododendron Festival on Sunday.

Despite the spots of rain, Mrs O’Neill said there was still a fine crowd at the festival, which was held at Gore Gardens and the St Andrew’s Church hall across the road.

There were many highlights to the day.

“We had Peter Cairns singing. Nicole Parry and her hip-hop dancers went down really well with the crowd, too.

“Milly from Flame Entertainment was great and another girl who deserves a big bouquet is ‘Shadow the Clown’. She was wonderful and did a great job. She did it all as a volunteer and I really value that.”

Mrs O’Neill said her first year as convener had gone well.

“All the hard work was done throughout the spring.”Running Sneakers StoreNike Shoes