Hitting the right note... Crookston-based singer-songwriter Jeff Rea records his soon-to-be released album. PHOTO:SUPPLIED MARGARET.PHILLIPS

Jeff Rea’s soon-to-be released album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and involves veteran singer Gary Morris.

The album, called Who I Am, was recorded when the Crookston singer was in the United States entertaining with Morris late last year.

Rae teams up with Morris every year to tour and entertain in the US.

This is the third album the singer has recorded.

Rea had written several songs he liked but had not recorded over the years.

The compilation of the album started as a work for his three children.

“It started out as an album for family,” Rea said.

“There’s songs that are 25 years old and some that are brand new.”

It was just the right time to record the album, he said.

The title represented Rea’s life and his roles, such as his journey as a father, songs he had written for his children and a “couple” of songs relating to his faith.

Moeraki-based entertainer Mike Hood, who formerly lived in Gore, had teamed up with Rea to write songs and some of those were included on the album.

Rea described the genre of music on the album as being loosely contemporary country. But the musicians who worked on the album were given licence to interpret the songs in their musical arrangements.

The end product was very pleasing, he said..

Rea is hosting an invitation-only album launch early next month at which Morris and Jenny Mitchell will be guest artists.latest Running SneakersCheap Wholesale Nike Shoes,wholesale Nike Jordan Shoes,cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,wholesale China