Singing spies on the stage


Expatriates, gypsies and spies are on the rise as Gore High School prepares for its major production, Spy Club.
Rehearsals are scheduled for after school on Tuesdays, Sundays, and even during school intervals, as pupils sing, dance and act their way into their roles.
Spy Club is set in the 1920s, in the city of Balaclavastan, in the country of Romanastanaslovakia.
The famous Spyglass Club is a hotbed of Russians, Americans and British businessmen exchanging secrets in an espionage world.
Spy Club director Viv Beaton said the story follows a young woman who appears one day searching for her father, meeting many intriguing and colourful characters along the way.
As she risks her life, the truth is revealed and she finds out more than she could have imagined.
Gore High School pupil Levi Lee (16) plays the character of Joe King, a bartender, who is also a secret undercover CIA spy.
‘‘Spy Club has a lot of plot twists which will keep the audience entertained and interested,’’ Levi said.
The production includes popular songs with different arrangements to create a popular feel to the musical. Year 12 pupil Hope Williams
(16) said she was loving being a part of her first show.
‘‘I have never been in a production before. I love singing and dancing, so I thought I would have some fun and try acting,’’ Hope said.
Mrs Beaton was excited with how the show was developing.
’’Liane Mills [the writer of the show] from Queensland is planning on attending the show, as Gore High isthe first school to perform it,’’ Mrs Beaton said.
The production is being held at the SBS St James Theatre at 7pm from August 3 to 5.
Tickets are available from Gore High School and cost $15 for adults and $12 for pupils.jordan release dateKopačky na fotbal