St James disappointment as more shows cancelled

Live Shows Cancelled . . . SBS St James Theatre manager Paul McPhail rolls up the poster for the Hotel California: The Eagles Experience. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

Some of the live shows which were set to be shown at the SBS St James Theatre in the next couple months have been cancelled.

Manager Paul McPhail said they received three cancellations from Hotel California: The Eagles Experience , Wonderland Glow Show and Rachel’s Studio of Dance due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“It’s disappointing.”

At the start of the year there were 16 live shows booked, more than last year.

“It’s gut-wrenching. We work really hard to get these international shows and build a relationship with them.

“One way or another we have lost quite a few shows, about five or six .. canned.”

They were still awaiting a response from the A Celtic Christmas Show by a Taste of Ireland.

Other theatres were struggling with similar issues, he said.

“The Government goes on about tourism but in our industry we have been stuck and there is not much going on.

“Big venues will be limited until we go down to Level 1.”

Despite the disappointments of cancellations he was looking forward to next year, Mr McPhail said.

“Bookings are looking good for early next year and we are pushing hard to keep what we have.”

One of the shows, Kevin Bloody Wilson F.U.P.C World Tour, was to be postponed to early next year.

“We sold 250 to 300 tickets but most people have kept their tickets and are going to go next year.”

Local shows were still going ahead, he said.

“Our theatre restaurant is going ahead with smaller numbers, so we have had to adjust to that.

“We will have 150 people per night and we are putting people in bubbles.”

The six nights for the dinner show were sold out.

The Gore community was very supportive with the show.

“There has been great support from locals and we are very grateful.”