All fired up .Fire Station Gallery owner Colin Dewe (left) and St Peter's College art teacher Neli Seumanutafa organised a six-week art exhibition so St Peter's College pupils such as Kerrin Bone (18, left) and Helena Clissold (17) could show their work. PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

St Peter’s College design, art and photography pupils have been given the opportunity to show their work at Gore’s Fire Station Gallery.

The six-week exhibition will display work by pupils in years 11, 12 and 13 and the public will be able to buy the works.

Fire Station Gallery owner Colin Dewe said he had wanted to open the gallery up more to community involvement and this was a great chance to do that.

“It was my vision to have an exhibition in here from the kids from one of the high schools,” Mr Dewe said.

art teacher Neli Seumanutafa introduced himself to him when he moved to town and “took up the reins” to help make the exhibition happen.

Mr Seumanutafa said after living in Auckland, the small size of the community made it easy to organise the exhibition.

“With Colin and a small community you can just walk up to the gallery and then someone says ‘yeah I’m keen to do that too’, which is really helpful,” Mr Seumanutafa said.

The work of 18 St Peter’s College would be on display in the exhibition, including work pupils had been doing for NCEA assignments as well as work created especially for the exhibition.

Year 13 photography pupil Helena Clissold’s (17) work includes images taken in other countries such as Italy, Ireland, Wales and England.

“I’ve got quite a lot of landscapes because I just went overseas, so I took a lot of photos,” she said.

Fellow year 13 pupil Kerrin Bone (18) said her paintings in the exhibition were centred on endangered animals.

“I’m looking at why they’re endangered and how human involvement in the natural habitat disrupts,” she said.

Both had been working on their pieces since the beginning of the year and would continue to create work for their NCEA art boards until the end of the school year.

Mr Dewe said the exhibition would give pupils the chance to exhibit in a setting where people other than just family member and teachers would see their work.

“I find the hardest stage for most people is actually going from that step of showing their artwork to their friends and loved ones and then out into what I refer to as ‘the real world’,” Mr Dewe said.Best jordan Sneakersnike dunk nylon 2009 shop for sale