No biggie . . . Japanese artist Koryu Aoshima works on his Medway Street mural. PHOTO: FIONA ELLIS.

Would you enjoy seeing a brightly coloured mural splashed across your wall?

According to Japanese artist Koryu Aoshima, many New Zealanders would answer “yes.”

Attitudes to street art between the two countries were quite different, he said.

“In Japan it’s quite difficult to get permission.

“In New Zealand people love art . . . it’s very normal.”

Aoshima visited Gore towards the end of last month to paint two murals, one in Medway St and the other in Main St.

These were commissioned by the Gore District Council as part of its Streets Alive project.

He based his Medway St mural on a theme related to the Gore region, he said.

“It’s a very typical aviation pilot because this area is famous for Tiger Moths.”

He estimated the image was about 6m wide by 4m tall and took three days to complete.

However, this was not a large work by his standards.

“For me it’s a normal size.”

He painted one three times larger in Bluff, he said.

Since arriving in New Zealand last January he had painted murals in several locations.

He spent the national Covid-19 lockdown with a friend in Geraldine and stayed on in the town to paint more than a dozen murals there.

Originally intending to stay in the country for “just a couple of months”, he decided to extend his stay because New Zealand was safer and he was enjoying his time here.

“I hope to go back soon but [the time] doesn’t need to hurry.”

Working as a mural artist was an enjoyable job, he said.

“It’s quite fun. I’m always curious about art.”