Well-travelled trio adds Gore to global itinerary


Two sisters and a friend who have the same last name are teaming up to perform in 10 centres including Gore.
The Trinity Trio, based in Auckland, is undertaking the tour as part of Chamber Music New Zealand’s 2016 Encompass series.
Sisters Stella (violin) and Sally Kim (cello) formed the trio with their friend Tina Kim (piano) in 2013 at the University of Auckland School of Music.
Chamber Music New Zealand artistic assistant Jack Hobbs said the trio had won the prestigious Pettman ROSL Scholarship.
‘‘This gave them the opportunity to give more than 12 concerts throughout the United Kingdom including at the Edinburgh Festival, the Lake District Summer Music Festival and at St James’s Piccadilly.’’
While in London, the trio received lessons from Robert Cohen and Efim Boic of the Fine Arts Quartet, and from other leading musicians.
When the trio was invited to perform at the Akaroa Music Festival in Christchurch in 2014, they met Tasana Nagavajara, who invited them to Thailand to perform for the Siam Society in Bangkok and other centres. The sisters played at the seaside resort of Hua-Hin at the New Zealand embassy’s 80th anniversary concert.
The Trinity Trio performed in the Chamber Music Competition at the University of Auckland and reached the finals.
In 2015, the trio went to music festivals in France, Germany and Italy.
Trinity Trio participated in the Brahms international chamber music competition in Portschach, Austria, receiving the highest mark in round one and reaching the finals. – The Trinity Trio performs at the James Cumming Lecture Theatre, Ardwick St on Sunday, August 14, at 3pm. Tickets are available at the door.trace affiliate linkNike