Young artists stunned by selection


Artwork by two Menzies College pupils has been selected for display in City Gallery Invercargill for the ILT Art Awards Exhibition.

Art by Becky McEwan and Paphitchaya (Naam Whan) Panto will be on display in the gallery until September 2.

Becky was surprised to find out her artwork had been chosen.

“I’m not going to lie, I screamed,” she said.

“I was over the moon.”

The piece of art Becky submitted was mixed media on board.

She spent about 10 hours creating it.

Becky’s piece is called Descent of Innocent Thoughts.

“It showed who I am as a person.”

After Becky and Paphitchaya found out they had been selected, they had to go through the process of getting their works ready for the exhibition, Becky said.

“I didn’t realise what you had to do. I just thought you would drop it off at the gallery and they would do everything.”

The girls also had to price their art.

Both girls had trouble working out what art to enter, Becky said.

In class, the girls had been given a topic or theme to create their art around but for the ILT Art Awards they could create whatever they wanted, Becky said.

“It took longer than I expected.”

She wanted to create a piece of art that meant a lot to her, she said.

“I never do an art piece that doesn’t mean something to me.

“If I don’t appreciate it, then how are other people going to appreciate it?”

Paphitchaya also wanted to create a piece of art that meant a lot to her.

“I did a pencil drawing of my cousin who I used to take care of back in Thailand,” Paphitchaya said.

The piece took her two hours to complete.

“I did it because I like doing portraits.”

Paphitchaya said she had trouble pricing her artwork.

“I thought $200 was a lot.”

This was the first time either of the girls had entered a competition like this, Paphitchaya said.

“It’s an awesome opportunity.”bridgemediaBoots