Let's go, grandma...Jenny Mahon's grandchildren (from left) Georgia (7) and Harley Martin (2), Erica Byars (5), Jaelyn (5) and Meila Scully (7) enjoy going for a ride in her 1939 Chevrolet Coupe. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Riversdale resident Jenny Mahon’s 1939 Chevrolet Coupe has lived a long life but is still going strong .

This was thanks to the work that had been done on it.

“The car had a 350 Chev motor transplant in the ’70s,” Mrs Mahon said.

“Then in 1985 it was transplanted with a Dodge 440 motor.”

The car was “mint condition” despite having been used for drag racing by a previous owner.

“It’s not like driving along an an old car. It feels normal.

“It doesn’t have any problems.”

She and her engineer husband Brian Mahon bought the car via TradeMe in 2008.

At that time it could run on petrol or LPG but Mr Mahon had altered it when he rebuilt the engine.

Now it ran solely on petrol.

The car had power steering, Mrs Mahon said.

The exterior had also been altered.

Initially gold, the previous owner had painted the car dark brown.

“We repainted it burgundy.

“We came up with the design of flames on it, too. I really like the way it looks.”

The car was not only nice to look at. She often went out for drives in it.

“I like the way it sounds.

“You can hear it coming before you see it.

“I’ll get the grandkids and go for a bit of a cruise.”

Every year during the Christmas holidays Mrs Mahon and her husband and friends took the car on longer drives.

“We go around the South Island. We often go over to the coast.”

The West Coast had plenty to offer classic car lovers, she said.

However she did not have to look far for a collection of classic cars.

“We’ve got about a dozen restored cars,” she said.Nike shoesスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】