1 dog attack, 18 reports of barking logged during month


A dog that bit a passer-by has landed itself a dangerous dog classification.

The attack was the only one of its kind recorded in August by Gore District Council animal control officer David McKewen.

“The dog left the property and without provocation bit a passer-by, resulting in a wound that required medical attention,” Mr McKewen said in a report.

Barking dogs featured highly in the report, which was tabled at the council’s regulatory and planning committee meeting.

Eighteen reports of barking were received for the month.

Animal control staff had provided advice to owners to help manage the issue of dogs barking.

“Such advice when followed usually resolves the nuisances. However, some dog owners have rejected the advice and council is therefore required to take further action,” Mr McKewen said.

In the past year, the highest number of reports related to wandering dogs, of which there were 284, followed by dogs being impounded (165), general dog inquiries (154) and dogs barking (148).

Cr Nicky Davis asked if people were now less tolerant of barking dogs than in the past.

Council regulatory and planning general manager Ian Davidson-Watts said, after the meeting, that might be because there were more shift workers than in the past and they were trying to sleep in the day.

There were several reasons dogs barked, including not being exercised sufficiently and their becoming anxious when their owners left the property, he said.

The council was investigating setting up a dog park, which could help alleviate some of the problems, he said.best Running shoesMens Sneakers Online