It just happened ... Dugald McKenzie of Wyndham has no words of wisdom as to why and how he has reached the ripe old age of 102-years.

If turning 100 is a milestone, what is turning 102?

For Dugald McKenzie, who lives at Wyndham and Districts Community Rest Home, it was just another day.

Mr McKenzie said there was no secret to it.

“It just happened.”

Daughter Rosemary Butler, of Christchurch, said her father had always been in good health.

“Whether we can attribute it to his farming background, I don’t know, but farming has been in the family for generations.

“We took Dad back to Ireland in 2005, where he was able to see where his grandfather had come from.”

There were still McKenzie descendants on the land.

“Incredible after all this time, considering my great-grandfather left in 1855,” Mrs Butler said.

Mr McKenzie said it was his grandmother, Jan McKenzie, who taught him the four rules of survival.

“Teach children how to work from a young age.

“Learn the value of money; pocket money was to live on.

“To discuss the family will, before it was needed.

“Set a son up. You set him up to live, but if he wanted to go further he had to work for it.”

Pocket money was used to buy his own clothes, boots and anything he needed, Mr McKenzie said.

“These rules have been carried on in my own family.

“They are the foundation to learning the value of money.”

He said his father set him up at Seaward Downs in 1940, the year he married.

“In nearly 65 years marriage [to Kathleen], we never had a hard word.

“Not many marriages can say that. I got a good one.”Adidas shoesNike Air Force 1 GS Double Swoosh White Armory Blue Pink On Sale