Rare Rolls-Royce back on NZ roads

Under the hood …Tim Walsh’s
Rolls-Royce’s original 20/25 motor
has been replaced with one of the
same type.


A rare 1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 has returned to New Zealand.
Gore Vintage Car Club member Tim Walsh, of Waikaka Valley, bought the car at an auction in Lincolnshire, in the United Kingdom, in June 2015.
He found it while browsing Rolls-Royces on the internet, he said.
It took him six months to have the car brought to New Zealand, Mr Walsh said.
In the 1980s the car was shipped back to the United Kingdom after being in New Zealand for 20 years.
The Rolls-Royce’s original 20/25 motor had been replaced with one of the same kind.
Overdrive had been added to the car and its top speed was 75mph (120kmh).
The car was restored in 2011 but he still had much work to do on it, including redoing the rare dampers, because it failed certification, Mr Walsh said.
He took the car out as much as possible.
“I try to do about 10km at least every two weeks,” he said.
“The kids love going out in it.”
He bought the the car because he liked the look of it, Mr Walsh said.
“The 20/25 had the look I wanted.”
He also liked that it could carry a lot of people.
He enjoyed belonging to the Gore Vintage Car Club, he said.
“You can go to fellow members for advice.”
It also gave him an excuse to take the car out, he said.
“The beauty of Gore Vintage Car Club is that you can join even if you don’t have a vintage car,” Mr Walsh said.
He also enjoyed looking at the other members’ cars, he said.Sports brandsKopačky na fotbal