Meal service ramps up.

Home delivery...Parata Anglican Charitable Trust board member Doug Grant and his wife Denise set off to deliver meals on wheels to clients during Alert Level 4 lock down last week. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Parata rest-home has been preparing more meals for Meals on Wheels delivery during lockdown.

Village manager Mary Pullar said some clients had increased the number of meals they received.

While the day centre was closed, clients could also receive a noon meal.

“They were offered to have a meal delivered because they would normally have a meal here,” Mrs Pullar said.

Usually the rest-home delivered about 200 meals a week, but since Alert Level 4 the number had risen to about 240.

In January the rest-home kitchen was given a makeover to be a standalone facility.

“[The] upgraded kitchen has meant Parata has been able to double its weekly output and has the ability to assist older persons living at home in the community in times of need.”

Parata Anglican Charitable Trust board member Doug Grant and his wife Denise have been delivering meals to the day centre clients.

The couple said they had delivered meals the last time the country was in lockdown.

“It’s so rewarding to do this,” Mr Grant said.

“Who knows when we might need this.”

“[It is] something we can do to help the community,” Mrs Grant said.

When delivering the meals, they rang the doorbell and then either handed the meal to the person if they had mobility issues or placed it at the door.

Gore Hospital administration manager Fiona Marsh said about 200 meals heated up at the hospital were being delivered.

Those under 70 years old were able to deliver the meals.

Deliveries were being organised by Greta Miller and Margaret Young.

“They have a list of people who volunteered last time who are under 70 years of age and are utilising that again” Mrs Marsh said.

“Everyone has been very helpful.”