Old mill gets repaint

Positive feedback . . . Sgt Dan Stockfoods manager Daryl Moyles is pleased with the positive feedback he has received on the repainting of the former Fleming's Creamoata building. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

As the owner of one of Gore’s most historic buildings, Sgt Dan Stockfoods manager Daryl Moyles says his business has a duty to preserve it.

The scaffolding on the former Fleming’s Creamoata Mill came down last week after the building underwent cleaning and painting over the course of several weeks.


Mr Moyles said the company was just getting started.

“We’ve been here about 17 years and the building has been well overdue for a paint.

“We painted about two-thirds of the building in the last month and the rest of it will be done over the next couple of years.”

The next priority was to paint Sgt Dan and the thistle on the side of the building, which should happen in spring.

“It’s done with enamel paint and it’ll need to be redone in enamel paint,” he said.

“The experts tell me that it’s best to do that in the spring and summer when the weather’s warmer.”

So far it had been entirely self-funded.

“It’s a six-figure sum .. just to do the scaffolding and painting that we’ve done so far,” Mr Moyles said.

“We think it’s our duty. Because it’s such a historic item and such a large part of the town, it needs to look smart. We’ve done that because we think we owe it to the town.

“This building’s been in the town for over 100 years. People identify with it.”

The feedback so far had been very positive, he said.

“I can’t believe the amount of people that’ve stopped me in the street and say it’s great that we’ve painted the building.”

The plan was to tidy up a portion of the building every year.

“We’re now going through seismic evaluation.

“With the new earthquake regulations we are unsure as to how suitable the building is.”

He also had a responsibility for his staff’s safety, Mr Moyles said.

“That is again a massive figure to assess this building.”

Owning such a building was “high maintenance”, but he felt privileged to have his business based there.

The building was a part of Gore’s history, which he was passionate about.

“We’re learning more and more about the history all the time,” he said.

It was a perfect match for Sgt Dan’s Stockfoods.

“It’s specifically designed for what we do… but it wouldn’t be much good for anything else.

“It’s either a mill or it isn’t anything.

“Imagine what state it would be in now …

“You know what buildings look like after they’ve not been used for a few years,” Mr Moyles said.