Wearing a yellow sun bonnet . . . Gore Daffodil Day volunteer Robyn Young dresses up to sell daffodils to raise money for the Otago Southland Cancer Society of New Zealand. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

As next month’s Daffodil Day nears, the Gore team is visiting businesses to take orders for bunches of the cheerful yellow flowers.

In addition, the team will be selling the flowers in the street on Daffodil Day on August 27.

The Gore effort for the Cancer Society of New Zealand’s annual fundraiser is co-ordinated by Daffodil Day area volunteer co-ordinator Karen Goodger, who has been in the role for 17 years.

However, this year will be her last as she is stepping down from the position.

Mrs Goodger said she had enjoyed co-ordinating the fundraiser.

“You have fun doing it,” she said.

When she first started, she did all the different tasks but soon she had to ask her friends to help her.

“It started off small and then I built it up.”

Over time she involved different organisations such as Lions club to sell the daffodils at locations throughout Gore.

It was really only in the two months leading up to Daffodil Day that a co-ordinator was needed, she said.

She encouraged anyone who would like to take up the role to apply.

“It’s been very rewarding and I’ve got some amazing volunteers on board that have supported me, and it’s been great to give something back to the community.”

All funds raised in Otago and Southland stay in the area and go towards research, volunteering, supportive care, Daffodil House and health promotion.

Every day 71 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer.

Forty percent of people in New Zealand develop cancer before they are 74.

Cancer is the biggest cause of death in New Zealand.

More than 25 people die from cancer every day.