Classic fun... Simon Quertier likes to take his 1967 Chrysler VC Valiant out on runs and even drove it to the Pink concert in Dunedin. PHOTOS: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

A 1967 Chrysler VC Valiant has been a labour of love for its owner.

Simon Quertier said it took three years to restore the classic car to its original state.

“It got a bare-metal respray and panelbeat – two of my friends did that.”

Mr Quertier said he wanted to get a 1967 VC Valiant after seeing one a friend had 15 or 20 years ago.

The Valiant, Mr Quertier’s first classic car, is powered by a 225cu in slant-six engine.

“It cruises along pretty good.”

However, he admitted it was “probably a bit slower than most cars.”

He bought the car on Trade Me.

“We found one before that, but we were overseas so we couldn’t buy it.”

His dad and brother both used to race cars and that was probably where his love of motoring began, he said.

“I was sort of brought up with old cars and stuff all the time.”

The best part of owning a classic car was probably being able to take part in weekend runs.

“We do quite a few car runs – we’re in the Southern Aussie Muscle Car Club – and we took it to Pink [concert] in the weekend.”

He let other people drive the Valiant and he would try to fill the seats when going out for a drive.

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