20,000 reasons for West Otago fund

Good attendance ...Gloria McHutchon attends the meeting at the Tapanui RSA to explain her reasons to donating money to the West Otago Community Fund. PHOTO:JENNY DILLNER

A fund to benefit West Otago has been given a kick start of $20,000.

Residents met at the Tapanui RSA last Wednesday to find out more about the West Otago Community Fund, which received its first $20,000 from Edievale woman Gloria McHutchon.

Under the umbrella of the Clutha Foundation, a charitable trust has been set up to oversee the fund.

The fund is donor-driven by anyone wanting to bequest or give money to benefit the West Otago community.

Foundation executive officer Denise Dent said she was inspired seeing so many people coming along to hear about the fund.

“I work with people every day who want to support their community.

“It is a fabulous job and uplifting seeing so many people wanting to keep money in their community.”

Mrs McHutchon said she believed charity began at home.

“I liked the idea when I first heard about it, and when I heard that there would be a West Otago fund my ears pricked up.

“My wish for West Otago is for no resident living here should be without any of the essentials of life.”

Mrs McHutchon has earmarked her contribution to be used solely for the under-5s in West Otago.

“It is about making life better in West Otago. We are very parochial and proud of it.”

The starting figure to open a community endowment fund with the Clutha Foundation is $5000.

Once the fund reaches the sum of $50,000, the capital is invested and the income will go to charitable causes in the community.

Anyone can donate any amount to the fund at any time.

Local woman Juliet Abrahams-Byars said she was really excited by the venture and idea.

“I am fairly new to the area and, as an outsider, it is great seeing so much community spirit.

“Tapanui is an amazing town,” Mrs Abrahams-Byars said.

  • The Clutha Foundation is a charitable organisation that facilitates local philanthropy. It provides a way for people to donate to local community causes.