On the road...Swedish woman Cissi Hansson is travelling around New Zealand speaking at various locations about how to live well with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

When two interests a person is keen on come together, magic happens says Cissi Hansson.

The Swedish woman has been travelling through New Zealand since September last year.

Ms Hansson said her original intention had been to travel around but after she arrived here she had the idea she could talk about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition she had been diagnosed with when she was 13 years old.

She loved to travel and she loved to help people who had ADHD.

“I’m putting my two passions together.

“What I have discovered here is when you put two passions together magic things can happen,” Ms Hansson said.

As a child and a young adult she had been ashamed of having the disorder.

“I always felt like the black sheep, you feel so different.”

Some of the ADHD symptoms Ms Hansson had as a child were having difficulty sitting still in class, difficulty organising herself, concentrating on subjects that did not interest her and being patient.

She also had a lot of energy.

“I always wanted to be highest in the tree.”

It was only in the past two years she had started to talk about ADHD.

“When I started talking about it I realised people needed to hear what I had gone through and what had made me so strong and how I dealt with my ups and downs.”

Two years ago Ms Hansson trained as a life coach and started a business.

In the past 16 years she had learned some techniques to help her which she enjoyed sharing.

“When I was younger I wanted somebody like me; to have somebody to look up to and to be inspired from because having ADHD is not very simple.”

Having good routines was very important to managing her condition.

“I have to take care of myself by eating well, sleeping well [and] exercising.”

She needed to make sure her blood sugar levels did not drop too fast.

“If that happens it’s very hard for me to concentrate and make good decisions.”

She would be speaking on an ADHD road tour which would start in Queenstown in February and finish in Whangarei in July.Running sportsgirls youth nike high tops shoes Light Smoke Grey