Virtual assembly fills gap

Keep ing on . . . St Peter?s College deputy head girl Trelise Wadsworth (17) practices filming head girl Emily Chamberlain (back left) (17) and head boy Sam McKenzie (17) for the virtual assembly they have put in place for a regular assembly that they could hold due to Covid-19. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Some quick, out-of-the-box thinking benefited an entire school last week.

St Peter’s College head pupils decided to hold a virtual assembly after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said no mass gatherings could take place due to Covid-19.

Deputy head girl Trelise Wadsworth (17) had the idea to film the information provided at the usual Wednesday assembly to ensure there was still a sense of normality.

“At first we thought about doing it through the announcer but then I thought it might be cooler to do it in a video,” Trelise said.

“It’s a bit more fun, too.”

In the two-minute video, head pupils, deputy head pupils and special characters provided important notices, led prayer and there was even a joke or two added in, she said.

Trelise filmed the assembly on Tuesday, spent the night editing it and sent it to Year 13 dean Brendan Terry to check over.

It was then posted on YouTube, Facebook and given to the pupils during form time on Wednesday.

“It was also a good way to provide notices for parents and keep them up to date and have some fun with it all, too.”

National Clutha-South MP Hamish Walker shared the video on social media, she said.

The initiative was well received by the school.

“They really liked it had lots of comments on it.”

There were usually two assemblies per week, but they only hosted one at the moment.

“It’s just to keep everyone’s spirits up and normalise school a bit,” she said.

Head boy Sam McKenzie (17) said filming it helped keep everyone a bit more involved.

“We got lots of positive feedback from it. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it,” Sam said.

They planned to continue filming the assemblies but schools were now closed due to level four Covid-19 alert shoesNike News