Family Fairlane...1973 Ford Fairlane owner Garry Ross said his love of motoring began when he learnt to drive in the car. ASHLEIGH.MARTIN

The owner of a 1973 Ford Fairlane said he learnt to drive in the 302 V8, which was previously owned by his father.

Garry Ross said his father bought the Fairlane brand new for $6100 from A.V. Latty Ltd in Gore.

“He actually bought it in 1972 and took it on holiday on dealer’s plates and registered it in 1973, because he thought it would be worth more,” Mr Ross said.

“I learnt to drive in it when it was new and it’s never been near a panel shop yet. It’s very original.”

Mr Ross said the car was the third in the South Island of the new shape at the time.

His father had originally been looking for a Ford Falcon.

“The cars [Ford Falcons] were very hard to come by, and they said for another $600 to $700 you could have the Fairlane – and it was still all greased up and it hadn’t even been cleaned, so he bought it instead.”

Mr Ross said he bought the car from his father a couple of years ago, and it was nice to drive.

“It’s very light on the power steering and cruises very well.”

Mr Ross also used to own a 1974 Fairlane before he bought his father’s, but he had since sold it to his son.

He said he kept the 1973 Fairlane because he had learnt to drive in it, and for the history behind the car.

Mr Ross said his love of motoring began when he learnt to drive, and his favourite part of owning a classic car was being able to cruise by himself or with friends.

The Fairlane was still in its original state with its original interior.

“We’ve got a farm at Te Tipua, so it was stored in a dark car shed away from all the sunlight, so it probably helped the paintwork a lot.”

Mr Ross said he did not take the car out enough, but it fitted a full set of golf clubs for a social game of golf.

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