Activator aiming to make sports fun


The new Eastern Southland sports activator, MaryAnn Thomas, is ready to get the ball rolling, she says.
Thomas said that when she was at primary school, she would always look up to the people who made sports fun.
The role included going to 14 schools in Eastern Southland to teach “fundamental sporting skills”.
“I am really looking forward to it. I like working with kids; that’s one of the things I enjoy, and I like teaching – that was my other option – so it’s a combination of the things I like,” Thomas said.
“When I was at school we would have heaps of fun with the people who came in and taught us. That’s who I want to be for them [the pupils].”
Thomas said she got involved with the role when she did placement hours through Sports Southland last year as a component of her applied science degree at the University of Otago.
“From there, Beaudean [the previous activator] asked me if he could put my name forward.”
Thomas said the role was something she was passionate about.
“I just think that in society today it’s so important for kids to get into sport at a younger age so they carry it on through their life.”
Children should have multiple opportunities when it came to sports, she said.
“It’s important for them to have the opportunity to try a range of different sports, not just what they’re good at or what their parents want them to do. It’s important they try lots of different things.”Authentic SneakersNike