Advance voting venues now open


Advance voting in the 2017 general election began this week and will continue until election day, Saturday, September 23.

An advance voting venue is set up in the Gore District Council chamber.

Residents throughout New Zealand have already taken the option to cast an early vote.

EasyVote packs are being sent to all voters who were enrolled before August 23 and include a personalised EasyVote card which makes voting quicker.

The first EasyVote packs will start arriving in letterboxes from today and 3.16million will be delivered during the next week.

There are 485 advance voting places throughout the country, up from 295 in 2014.

Chief electoral officer Alicia Wright said opening hours varied between voting places, to suit local needs.

“There has been a big increase in advance voting over the past two elections, so this election, we are providing even more voting places in convenient locations where people can cast an early vote,” Ms Wright said.

“People will also be able to enrol, check or update their enrolment details at any advance voting place, so they’ll be able to enrol and vote at the same time,” she said.

“Advance voting places are located where people live, work, study and shop, including universities and shopping malls, and many of them are open after hours and at weekends.”

Most advance voting places are fully accessible or accessible with assistance for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

There are also special arrangements in place for some voters including:

Mobile advance voting services in some rural areas.

Electoral Commission teams visiting hospitals, rest-homes and remand centres to collect votes.

Dictation voting service for blind and low-vision voters.

A full list of advance voting places is available at www.elections.

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