All by the book for Literacy Week


Willy Wonka, the Cat in the Hat and Wally of Where’s Wally fame were just some of the book characters Gore Main School pupils dressed as for the school’s Literacy Week celebrations last Friday.

International Literacy Day was on September 8, but as it was a Saturday the school ran its activities last week.

Gore Main School principal Mary Miller said International Literacy Day stressed the importance of improving literacy among children.

“It’s been an excellent week, really, and I think that when you look at the success of the day and how many children dressed up it, just shows you how many children got in behind the whole week and how exciting it was,” Mrs Miller said.

It was the first time the school had devoted a whole week to literacy activities to mark International Literacy Week.

Planning for the week was undertaken by Gore Main School year 5 and 6 teacher Larissa Cooney-Toogood and the school’s student council.

“That’s what you want your school council to be – drivers of learning – whilst having exciting activities for the school, and they showed great leadership,” Mrs Miller said.

The week had been a lot of fun, had promoted literacy and the school had even held a book swap on Friday.

“The book swap was an amazing idea, because if they’ve got a book at home that’s no longer being used, the children could bring it along and swap it for one they did want to read for no cost,” Mrs Miller said.

Miss Cooney-Toogood said there had been a range of activities during the week, including quizzes about books, teachers reading books to different classrooms and Mrs Miller and the student council reading to classes.

“So all week we’ve been doing little things and then today we’ve had a big literacy day to celebrate the end of the week,” Miss Cooney-Toogood said on Friday.

It was important to celebrate International Literacy Day, she said.

“It just gets the kids talking about books and they’ve been quite excited to answer the quiz questions and having a different teacher read to them – they’ve just loved having something a bit different.”Asics shoesadidas zulu trainers for black kids shoes girls