Passport to adventure... The desire for adventure was one of the reasons Robyn Maher (left) started riding. Pictured above is her 2015 Indian Scout. PHOTOS: PHOTOS: NOEL LINDALE, JO FRIEDMAN

Motorbike meditation is how Robyn Maher describes the feeling she gets when riding a bike.

Riding gave her a feeling of freedom, and she enjoyed being alone and in control of her bike and the peace she got from being in the present moment.

“You can feel the weather; you can feel the changes – all your senses are alive,” Ms Maher said.

Ms Maher owns a 2015 Indian Scout, which has an engine just under 1200cc.

She liked the challenges that came with owning a bike as well as the adventure.

“Riding calls to the unique, wild nature in all of us,” she said.

Ms Maher’s first bike was a Yamaha XVS400 cruiser, which she bought before she had learnt how to ride.

Her friends in Riversdale had had Harley-Davidsons for years and she always looked at the bikes longingly as they drove away, thinking it would be cool to be able to do that.

She learnt how to ride on obstacle courses set out on her lawn at home and was a bit nervous at the beginning.

Her children were somewhat aghast to find out she was getting a motorbike.

“I suppose it’s like me when they go off on adventures too – I want them to do it, I want them to enjoy it, but I’m a wee bit fearful.”

While learning to ride she often thought “oh well, blow this”, but learning built up her confidence.

“People think you’re going through a midlife crisis when you buy a bike, but I think when you don’t do the things you want to do, that’s when you’re going to have a midlife crisis.”

She guessed her interest in motoring could be traced to her father , who kept his old cars.

Her brother had fixed their father’s Valiant Regal station wagon, which he bought new in the 1970s, and she enjoyed taking it out for girls’ weekends.

He also had a XJC Jaguar, which she took in the Christmas parade.

However, she preferred motorbikes and enjoyed going to rallies with friends, as she got to experience the ride and the social events, too.

“The bikes are very cool and I’ve found my tribe to a certain extent and it’s wonderful.”

She said her brother also rode and had a Harley, so it was a great way to connect with him, too.

She owned a Yamaha XVS650 before getting the Indian Scout.

She flew to the North Island to bring it home.

On the trip up she was worrying about some of the North Island roads and read a quote by Liz Jansen that calmed her mind: “motorcycles take you out on the road, but sometimes they are the road to new places within and without”.

It made her realise she had to live in the moment.

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