Classic beauty . . . Classic cars fan Ray Taylor, of Tapanui sits a the wheel of his 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe.

A good keen Ford man, Ray Taylor, of Tapanui, recently bought a 1931 Model A Deluxe Coupe to add to his collection.

Mr Taylor said it was the shape of the car that he particularly liked.

“These old classic cars have great lines – they are a pleasure to look at as well as drive.”

The Model A was imported into New Zealand in December 2005, and Mr Taylor bought the car from a man in Waipukurau, in Hawke’s Bay, just over a year ago.

Ford produced about 23,000 Model A vehicles in 1931.

After the Model T, the Model A became one of Henry Ford’s most popular cars.

A total of 5 million of all body styles were built from 1927-1931, Mr Taylor said.

The Deluxe model is fitted with an electric overdrive, which was innovative for that time.

There is also a dicky seat, cowl lamps and twin tail lamps.

Coming from America, the Ford is a left-hand drive, and almost in original condition.

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