Together we can ... Longford Intermediate pupils, teachers and members of Gore police come together to speak up and stand up against bullying with Pink Shirt Day on Friday. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Standing pretty in pink, pupils and police made passionate pleas to prove bullying has no place in society for Pink Shirt Day.

Longford Intermediate celebrated Pink Shirt Day with an assembly attended by senior sergeant Cynthia Fairley and school community officer constable Mel Hinga on Friday.

Pink Shirt Day is a global movement to speak up, stand together and stop bullying.

The day coincides with Bullying Free Week in New Zealand.

When speaking at the assembly, teacher Renata Jackson told the pupils she was impressed with the message they sent out during the week.

“The message is in black and white – bullying is not OK.

“It is not tolerated at Longford, it has no place.

“We’ve sent out that [message] out really well,” Mrs Jackson said.

Throughout the week pupils completed challenges related to anti-bullying created by the school council, lead by the pupils.

Among the tasks were creating anti-bullying posters, a rap about being kind to one another, a poem to encourage people to be themselves and a piece of artwork which displayed accepting diversity.

Constable Hinga said four winners were chosen from each task and were taken to school in a police patrol car on Friday,

“The whole school welcomed us as we arrived on the tennis courts,” Const Hinga said.

The winners presented their creations at the assembly and were presented with prize packs, donated by businesses throughout Gore, at the assembly, she said.

Pupil Jayden Broome (12) said it was a great week and he wore pink shorts to support the cause.

“It’s not OK to be bullying anybody, anywhere,” Jayden said.

Pupil Chancie Reynolds (12) enjoyed being involved in the tasks throughout the week to support the message of anti-bullying.

“The assembly has been good.

“It’s not OK to be bullying and laughing at somebody, you should be laughing with them,” Chancie said.Running sneakersAir Max