Anzac St residents create innovative gym in driveways


It all started with a friendly “social distancing drink”.

But it ended with three families getting together to stay active during the Covid-19 level four lockdown.

Anzac St residents Hayden and Ruth Chalmers, Lisa and Sam Sanson, and Jess Stevenson and Liam McDermott decided to create a gym on their street on Sunday.

Mr and Mrs Chalmers’ six children and Mr and Mrs Sanson’s two children joined in and all participants were within their isolation bubbles.

Mrs Chalmers said it was a fantastic idea and provided a positive spin on isolation.

“We were all having a safe drink talking across the street . . . we said let’s do a gym on our street – it was a positive thing for during lockdown and then challenge others to get involved,” Mrs Chalmers said.

“It was great because the kids had to think about the equipment they would use and what they would do.”

Some used rowing machines, cross trainers and treadmills but others had innovative ideas such as boxing into a pillow for a punching bag.

Others completed high knees through football ladders, squats and biked.

Neighbours came out and encouraged the group and passers by commented on the ingenuity, she said.

“It was really cool for them to come out and great to get the neighbourhood walking by and putting a smile on their faces.

“It was really positive, especially for the kids . . . you’re still social distancing but to see their friends and the positive of being out there inside of bottled up inside.

‘’It was just really, really great to get everyone involved.’’

It was filmed by Mrs Chalmers son and was posted on Facebook to challenge other streets to join in or create another challenge for people to try.

‘’Like the teddy bears . . . we wanted to see other videos of challenges by families and neighbors joining in.’’

The group planned further work out sessions and encouraged the community to get involved and challenge one another with activities throughout the lockdown shoesGirls Air Jordan