Smooth ride... Owner of the 1963 AP5 Valiant Steven Hamlin said the car is a dream to drive. PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

A 1963 AP5 Valiant which has spent its whole life in Gore is now owned by a man who was originally looking for a Holden.

Steven Hamlin, who has had the car for eight months, said he had been looking for a Holden for about a year when the AP5 came along and he decided to go for it.

“I was lucky because the last two owners before me spent all the money doing it up,” Mr Hamlin said.

Mr Hamlin said the motor had been stripped back and re-done and there were only cosmetic changes to be made, which he would have the pleasure of completing after the expensive changes had already been made.

Aside from fixing the brakes Mr Hamlin had not made any alterations to the car, but planned to do some work on the interior at some stage. He said the back shocks also needed some work.

The car was recently used for Mr Hamlin’s daughter’s school ball, and he said his wife liked to drive it too.

“I take it out as often as I can, you don’t want it just to be living in the garage – and if I haven’t got it the wife steals it and she takes it for a drive.”

Mr Hamlin said his interest in motoring had begun when he was about 16, and he had owned various cars which now might be seen as classic.

“They were normal cars back then, they weren’t old. I had an HT ute and other ones back when I was younger.”

He said he would consider getting another classic car if he could find a nice HT Holden, which he was now on the lookout for.

However, for now he said the AP5 had a plain stereo with good noise so he could listen to his music and was nice to drive.

“It drives like a dream,” Mr Hamlin said.