At home enjoying rural city living

Back in town... Gore District Council’s newly appointed community strategy manager Anne Pullar says she is enjoying being back working in a rural community that also has the facilities of a city. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore District’s Council’s new community strategy manager Anne Pullar is back home.

After stints working throughout New Zealand, Ms Pullar has taken up the newly created position at the council.

She had left Gore in the mid-1980s and enjoyed being home.

“It is a real privilege to have the opportunity to work in this role,” Ms Pullar said.

“I see Gore as a really stunning wee town.”

The people in the South were “some of the best in the country,” she said.

“They’re very genuine, very helpful and friendly. My experience here is most people have a really positive attitude and are good at making things happen.”

Her role as community strategy manager focused on building relationships with key community groups to develop strategies and initiatives to support the economic, social, cultural, and environmental wellbeing of the district.

“This includes identifying growth opportunities and acting as principal adviser to the community strategy committee.”

She liked the district’s slogan of rural city living.

“This is a rural community but it has all the assets of a city environment. We do have stunning parks, amazing facilities a great retail community.”

For someone who had lived in big cities that was really appealing.

In the 20 years she had been living in Central Otago, Gore had been her “shopping ground”.

She grew up in Kaiwera, attended Gore High School and her first job was in Gore, working in a chartered accountant’s office.

Her previous role was Central Otago community services manager.

For the past 18 months she had helped with the formation of the Tussock Country Music Festival concept.

Apart from working in local government for 17 years she had also run her own consultancy businesses, focusing on project management, strategic product development and marketing.bridgemedia『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧