Editing.... Gore woman Margaret Currie checks through the second draft of her book Serving Life which she hopes will be published at Easter. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Many people talk about writing a book but for Gore woman Margaret Currie the dream is fast becoming a reality.

In the process of checking the second draft of her autobiography, Mrs Currie is hoping to publish the book Serving Life at Easter.

Mrs Currie said she started writing it while she was taking part in Christian work in the prisons of Mongolia in 2012.

“I got a real urge to write in Mongolia – I just had to write down some things I didn’t want to forget.”

Even though she was very busy and was tired at the end of the day she spent her evenings writing instead of watching television or visiting people.

“I didn’t go to bed till midnight.

“I did that for a whole month and got the book on the computer.

“I thought it was very important and I don’t know why.”

The title, Serving Life, came from the period of her life when she worked with Mongolian prisoners.

She was sharing the Christian message of hope with the prisoners, many of whom were serving life sentences for murder.

“I was serving the life-giving message.”

The 274-page book covers her whole life.

She printed the book off for herself but initially had no intention of publishing it.

“After I had written it I thought what’s the use – it’s trivia.

“It’s everybody’s story – I didn’t see anything special about it.”

However, her friends, who did not know she had already written a book, started to encourage her to do so.

When they found out it was already written they encouraged her her to find a publisher.

She approached Auckland author Hugh Kemp who had written a book about Mongolia and asked him for help.

Mr Kemp is editing the book and will help her find a publisher.Best Authentic Sneakersnike fashion