Balfour Backyard Beauties lived up to its name at the weekend, Backyard Beauties committee member Zaynor Mclean said.

“I think it’s cool that it’s not just a car show, like we had the bikes and we had machinery,” Mrs Mclean said.

“It’s really what someone loves that they can bring along. That’s why it’s called Backyard Beauties.”

This was the second consecutive year Backyard Beauties had been held since a new Backyard Beauties committee was reinstated in Balfour, Mrs Mclean said.

“I think on exhibit, we’re probably about par [with last year].”

“On foot there was probably a wee few more because of the tractor pull and that got a few more people out.”

The day was held to fundraise for anupgrade of the Balfour sportsground.

“We are working to upgrade the pavilion a bit. It’s a bit outdated and it will eventually need its roof done.”

Mrs Mclean said so far the response from the public had been positive.

“We had judged winners for each category and people’s choice winners, too. They [the winners] were all so stoked with their prizes.”

Mrs Mclean said the community of Balfour stepped up for the day.

“People were saying to me that Balfour was such a good community because we all work together.

“Because the sportsground comes under the rugby club, the Lions, squash and everyone else, they all help.

Mrs Mclean said many members of the community used the facility, so got on board to help raise money.

“The rugby boys did the bar, the squash ones did the gate and the Lions club did the chips.”

Mrs Mclean said the amount raised from the day had not yet been finalised.

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