For a good cause... Gore teenager Noah Potter has been practising his bartering skills and so far has traded various less expensive items up to a line trimmer which he hopes to exchange for a big ticket item which will be the prize in a raffle to raise money for the Gore and Clutha Women’s Refuge. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

He started with a pendant, but along the way Noah Potter has traded up to a line trimmer.

It is all part of his plan to raise money for the Gore and Clutha Women’s Refuge.

Noah (15) said when he heard the refuge needed funds he wanted to help.

“Everybody needs a hand,” Noah said.

“I just thought it was a good cause .. especially ’cause it’s Christmas season and everybody needs just a little bit of joy.”

He decided a paper clip swap might be a good way to earn a big-ticket item he could raffle.

The idea of a paper clip swap is to start with something cheap such as a paper clip and approach a business owner to ask if they would swap it for something of more value.

Noah set off with a 20c pendant and approached Gore business owners.

“Each one I explained what I am doing’.”

At first he did not have much success, but then he went to Expression for Gifts.

“It took two to three stores before the first one was like

Holding his newly gained greeting card, Noah then visited Amore, where he was given a bath bomb.

The bath bomb was traded up at Crossroad Cycles for a drink bottle, which was exchanged for a ping-pong party set at Country Living.

Carvin gave him a beach bag set in exchange for the party set, and at Collection Design he received a $70 gift card.

“I thought it was wicked.

“Just with that I was over the moon.”

At Donald Buckley’s he traded the gift card for a photograph frame voucher.

His last visit to the Stihl shop was where the voucher was swapped for a line trimmer and accessories.

Noah was very grateful for the support of all the businesses who had helped him.

“All the businesses have welcomed me with open arms.”

Gore and Clutha Women’s Refuge manager Sam Munroe said she was impressed with how innovative Noah had been to come up with the fundraising idea “and how much time and effort he has given”.

It was a “very thoughtful and selfless thing to do”.

“It will mean so much for our clients, especially this time of year,” Ms Munro said.

“We couldn’t do what we do without this kind of support.”Running sportsThe world is yours – Neue Sneaker, Apparel und mehr für Kids