Bit of fun...Edendale's Karen Milne created a series of displays on her front lawn using teddy bears to keep the children walking by entertained. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

It could be said that Karen Milne has a beary fertile imagination.

The Edendale woman created a series of teddy bear scenes on her front lawn each day during the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown.

Mrs Milne said when people started putting a teddy bear in the window of their homes she realised she could not do that.

“As my windows are tinted you can’t see a bear through them so I decided that on day one the bears would escape out the window,” Mrs Milne said.

She put a chute from the top of the window to the ground and displayed the bears in various escape poses.

“From there it just took off.”

Each day the bears could be seen doing a new activity.

Making a plan was the easy part.

What was more difficult was figuring out how to execute the plan, she said.

Husband Alex and daughter Nicole Elliott helped provide props.

The bears could be seen in a variety of tableaux including having a picnic, at school, at the gym and on the trampoline.

She used nylon fishing line to suspend a bear mid air over the top of the trampoline.

“The kids went past and said ‘look that bear is jumping on the  trampoline.’

“I could hear the kids and that encouraged me to keep going.”

The scenes were popular with people passing by, especially children.

“I had children coming past every day just to look and they were so excited to see what the bears were doing.”

Providing light relief for the children inspired her to keep going.


“I feel so sorry for them.”

In the last scene which was just before Level 3 came into effect, Mrs Milne set up a ladder outside the window and had the bears climbing in the window.

A sign on the window sill read “sorry we are going into hibernation for the winter.”

One boy left a card in the letter box thanking Mrs Milne for the displays.

“Your bears have made me happy,” the card read.affiliate link trace2021年注目!おしゃれメンズも夢中のネクストブレイク必至スニーカー10選