Big love for miniature trees

Like this...Former Gore woman Joy Morton trims and shapes a small tree to become a bonsai at the Gore Bonsai Club open day last Saturday. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

A longstanding friend of the Gore Bonsai Club returned to give members some tips at an open day last Saturday.

Former Gore woman Joy Morton, who now lives in Dunedin, showed how to train and prune a small tree in the bonsai style and then helped people shape their bonsai.

Club secretary Lisa Anderson said it was very helpful having Mrs Morton, who had started the club many years ago, at the open day.

“She’s been involved with bonsai for about 50 years,” Mrs Anderson said.

“Joy’s actually demonstrated in China and Japan; that’s how good she is.”

It was a very skilled art form.

Mrs Morton demonstrated the technique on a small tree.

watching Joy turn her very scrubby tree into a bonsai.”

One tip Mrs Morton gave was to prune the bonsai in a shape similar to that of a person.

“It’s kind of got to lean in towards you and [be] welcoming.

“You never want any branches pointing straight out towards you ’cause that’s like someone pointing at you.”

After the initial pruning, the shape of the tree needed to be maintained.

There were many different sizes of bonsai.

“They vary from a couple of inches [5cm] high to over a metre.”

Some people grew native plants to bonsai.

The Gore club, which has four members, is part of the New Zealand Bonsai Association.

The closest club is in Dunedin.